Custom publications and editorial firm headquartered in California.  Sky Publishers produces a wide range of copy for individuals and businesses around the world.

Custom publications and editorial firm


Serving clients with both one-off content creation needs and ongoing requirements, Sky Publishers has the infrastructure, human resources, and experience to provide quality results at an affordable price.

"Infrastructure, human resources, and experience..."

Our US-based team of writers, editors, and publication experts hail from a range of backgrounds and have experience working with business, professional, academic, journalistic, scientific, financial, legal, and medical copy.

Business Model

Sky Publishers operates through a distributed workforce model built on a platform developed by crowdsourcing pioneer oDesk. In tandem with the engineering team at oDesk, we have developed one of the most comprehensive online systems in existence for managing, organizing, and facilitating the creation of high-quality writing. We keep costs down by taking care of the administrative and promotional tasks that occupy so much time for freelancers, allowing them to spend more time doing the work they love.

In turn, our clients receive access to specialized pools of talented publications and editorial staff who can quickly synthesize their needs and produce custom copy to their specifications. Checks and balances exist throughout the system to provide our clients with the highest standards of quality.

Sky Publishers is constantly revising and expanding our online systems to make them more scalable, more efficient, and more flexible. People are at the core of our success, so we take great pains to ensure an equitable and enjoyable work environment for our publications and editorial team.

Sky Publishers can produce virtually any kind of content. Most of our customers are in need of biographical writing that reflects well on their careers or their businesses, but we also offer a full range of other services.
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About Us

Sky Publishers has grown from a small, boutique firm focusing on a few types of Web publishing to an in-demand custom content production house that generates thousands of pieces of original, customer-driven content per week. Our content is published on sites across the Internet according to the specifications of our clients—you may very well have already read something we wrote.